Accessing Enums in Thymeleaf

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Accessing Enums in Thymeleaf

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I am trying to read Enum via thymeleaf template

    public enum OrderStatus{

     private String status;
     public String getStatus(){
        return this.status;
When I try to access this enum from thymeleaf

    <div th:text=${T(com.order.enum.OrderStatus).COMPLETE.getStatus()}"/>
    <div th:text=${T(com.order.enum.OrderStatus).valueOf('COMPLETE').getStatus()}"/>

it works. But The Status COMPLETE and PENDING is based on input from my controller. I am trying some thing like this

    <div th:text=${T(com.order.enum.OrderStatus).${order.requestedStatus}.getStatus()}"/>
    <div th:text=${T(com.order.enum.OrderStatus).valueOf('${order.requestedStatus}').getStatus()}"/>

I am getting the Could not parse as expression: for the first one
No enum constant  com.order.enum.OrderStatus.${order.requestedStatus} for the second one
 Is there a way i can invoke the enum dynamically

My Order class

    Class Order{
       private String requestedStatus;
       getters & setters

My controller Method

    public string getOrder(Model model){
      model.addAttribute("order", Order);
      return "result"

I have posted in stackoverflow as well