GA versions now available: thymeleaf-extras-tiles2, -springsecurity3 and -conditionalcomments

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GA versions now available: thymeleaf-extras-tiles2, -springsecurity3 and -conditionalcomments


Today three thymeleaf "extras" modules have been promoted to GA (General Availability) state:

  * thymeleaf-extras-tiles2 (Integration with Apache Tiles 2)
  * thymeleaf-extras-springsecurity3 (Integration with Spring Security 3)
  * thymeleaf-extras-conditionalcomments (Processing of Internet Explorer conditional comments)

All these three modules have adopted version number "2.0.0" for their first non-beta release. From now on, thymeleaf "extras" modules will have their two first version digits match the version of the Thymeleaf core they are compatible with (2.0.x, in this case).

All three GA releases are identical to their last respective beta versions.