New thymeleaf testing library!

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New thymeleaf testing library!


We've just published the first stable version (2.0.0) of thymeleaf-testing, a specialized testing library for Thymeleaf.


  • Works as an independent library, callable from multiple testing frameworks like e.g. JUnit.
  • Tests only the view layer: template processing and its result.
  • Includes benchmarking facilities: all tests are timed, times are aggregated.
  • Highly extensible and configurable
  • Versatile testing artifacts: test sequences, iteration, concurrent execution...
  • Based on interfaces. Out-of-the-box standard test resolution allows:
    • Easy specification of tests as simple text files, sequences as folders.
    • Advanced test configuration.
    • Test inheritance.
    • Lenient result matching, ignoring excess unneeded whitespace etc.
  • Spring Framework and Spring Security integration.

For more information, have a look at the project's page in GitHub.