SpringSelectFieldAttrProcessor optgroup bug

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SpringSelectFieldAttrProcessor optgroup bug

Hi Daniel,

I've noticed that Thymeleaf doesn't fully support select tags which has its option tags grouped inside optgroup tags. Here's an example:

<select th:field="*{fooOption}">
    <optgroup label="Foo">
        <option th:each="foo : ${foos}" th:value="${foo.id}">Foo-1</option>
    <optgroup label="Bar">
        <option th:each="bar : ${bars}" th:value="${bar.id}">Bar-1</option>

So, if we have a situation similar to the above-mentioned one, when the form is reposted (let's say that there were some validation errors) the first option is selected instead of the real selection because the current select processor expects to see only option tags as the select tag's children. We've fixed this internally but I thought that someone else might want to use the optgroup tag so I'm reporting the bug here :)
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Re: SpringSelectFieldAttrProcessor optgroup bug

Yup, I'm afraid this is -was- a bug.

I've just uploaded a snapshot release for version 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT that fixes this.

See http://www.thymeleaf.org/faq.html#use-snapshot