Thymeleaf 2.0.18 JUST PUBLISHED

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Thymeleaf 2.0.18 JUST PUBLISHED

Thymeleaf 2.0.18 has been just published.

This is a bugfixing version, and should work as a drop-in replacement for 2.0.x versions.

Change log:


- Fixed EnumMap's (and maybe other implementations of Map) not iterating correctly (always repeating the same element) because of their internal iterators reusing the same Map.Entry object.

- Fixed th:attr not correctly rendering fixed-value conditional attributes like "multiple", "selected",etc.

- Fixed th:attrappend, th:attrprepend and th:classappend not correctly render results when the appended attribute already exists and is empty before processing the template.

- Fixed fixed-value conditional attributes not removing the target attribute on false evaluation if it this target attribute already existed before processing.

- Fixed multiple execution of "th:case" inside "th:switch" possible when th:case="*" appeared before non-default case blocks.

- Fixed bad removal of prototyping JS code in lines not ended with ";" or "," (like the last lines of an array or object definition).

- Added th:replace as a synonym for th:substituteby.

- Added literal synonyms for operators in standard expressions: "ne" (!=), "div" (/), "mod" (%), "not" (!).

- Minor fix on DOM Selectors when first level is '/' and not '//'.

If you are interested, you can see the milestones at GitHub:

- thymeleaf:
- thymeleaf-spring3: