Thymeleaf 2.0.8 JUST PUBLISHED

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Thymeleaf 2.0.8 JUST PUBLISHED

Thymeleaf 2.0.8 has been just published.

This is a bugfixing release, and works as a drop-in replacement for any previous 2.0.x versions. It includes the following changes from 2.0.7:


- Fixed "Root element name cannot be null" exception when processing non-complete documents (fragments).

- Modified Arguments constructor to public for testing purposes.

- Modified TemplateRepository constructor to public for testing purposes.

- Fixed "get{outputType}For(node)" methods in DOMUtils, which were outputting exceptions due to new restrictions at the DOM model.

- Added new utility getHTML5/Xhtml/XmlDOMFor(Reader) methods for obtaining the DOM Document resulting from parsing (with an on-purpose created parser) a fragment of markup code, for testing purposes.

- Fixed bad re-escaping of XML entities in entity attributes. The "&" was always being escaped, even when it was in fact the beginning of an already-escaped entity. Now this situation is detected and re-escaping avoided.


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