Thymeleaf 2.1.1 just published

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Thymeleaf 2.1.1 just published

After publishing 2.1.0.RELEASE last week, we have just published version 2.1.1.RELEASE.

Our plan was to release this version for quickly fixing those little issues that could have arised during the first week, having escaped our testing system... but the fact is they were very few! In fact, just tree, and all of them of low severity. We're quite proud about that!

So this is a rather tiny bugfixing release, which you can start using right now as a drop-in replacement of 2.1.0 (or better, upgrade from 2.0.x :-)).

This is the change log:


- Fixed th:remove attribute not being removed from output when expression evaluated as 'none'.

- Fixed flags for processing text and comment nodes not being correctly propagated to children when they were added.


- Fixed incorrect Spring object binding of single-level (no x.y field) expressions, resulting in ConversionService not being applied on certain scenarios.

You can follow the download instructions here: