Thymeleaf 3.0.3 and Spring 5 integration JUST PUBLISHED

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Thymeleaf 3.0.3 and Spring 5 integration JUST PUBLISHED

Thymeleaf 3.0.3 (3.0.3.RELEASE) has been just published.

This is a maintenance release with some bugfixing and minor changes, and should work as a drop-in replacement for 3.0.x versions. Have a look at our Download Page to learn how to obtain it.

Also, along with this new version we are introducing a new integration module: thymeleaf-spring5. This new module provides integration of Thymeleaf in Spring 5 applications, both using Spring 5 Web MVC and also the new Spring 5 Web Reactive framework.

Note that, given Spring 5 is still being developed (currently in version 5.0.0.M4), this first version of thymeleaf-spring5 has been published with version number 3.0.3.M1.

Spring 5 support includes Spring 5 Web Reactive applications using the same SpringStandard dialect that is used for Spring MVC. Two sandbox applications have been prepared as examples of this integration:

  - thymeleafsandbox-stsm-reactive, equivalent to the STSM sample application but using Spring 5, Spring Boot 2.0 and the new Spring Web Reactive framework. This sandbox is mainly meant to test form binding.
  - thymeleafsandbox-biglist-reactive, using Spring 5, Spring Boot 2.0 and the new Spring Web Reactive framework. This sandbox is meant to test the rendering of large amounts of data.

When used with Spring 5 Web Reactive, Thymeleaf can operate in one of three reactive-friendly modes:

   - Full, producing all output in memory and sending it as a single output buffer.
   - Chunked, producing output in buffers (chunks) of a configurable maximum size.
   - Data-Driven, making Thymeleaf work as an integrated part of a stream of data, which it renders into HTML in a way fully sensible to reactive back-pressure.

Read more about these reactive-friendly operation modes at the thymeleaf-spring5 JavaDocs.


- Fixed empty comments (<!---->) not being properly parsed and recognised (AttoParser).

- Fixed text parser wrongly recognizing comment start prefixes ('/*') even if inside JavaScript/CSS literals.

- Fixed #numbers.sequence(from,to) throwing an exception if from > to (bad computation of 'step' argument).

- Fixed OGNL expressions calling the 'hashCode()' method instead of accessing a public 'code' property.

- Improved JavaScript serialization: allow Jackson to (optionally) serialise JSR310 dates as ISO8601

- Improved cache monitoring: published counters and added hit/miss ratios.

- Updated AttoParser dependency to 2.0.2.RELEASE.

- Updated OGNL dependency to 3.1.12.

If you are interested, you can have a look at the list of issues on GitHub:

- thymeleaf:
- thymeleaf-spring:

And of course we invite you to visit the project website at