Thymeleaf + Tiles 2 integration package

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Thymeleaf + Tiles 2 integration package


We've just published thymeleaf-extras-tiles2, which enables you to use Apache Tiles for layout in your Thymeleaf applications (both with or without Spring).


  *   (Optional) Spring MVC 3 integration

  *   Use Thymeleaf in your Tiles definitions:
    *   Use Thymeleaf templates.
    *   Include Thymeleaf templates (or fragments of templates) as attributes.
    *   Compatible with Tiles definition wildcards (Tiles 2.2.2+).
        *   Thymeleaf template/attribute definitions can include selectors (similar to `th:include`/`th:substituteby`):
          *   By fragment: `"template :: fragment"`
          *   By DOM selector (XPath-like): `"template :: [//div[@id='content']]"`
          *   Can include Standard Expressions: `"${templateName} :: ${conf.fragName}"`

  *   New tiles dialect:
    *   `tiles:include` / `tiles:substituteby` for including Tiles attributes.
        *   `tiles:fragment` for signaling fragments to be included as attributes.
        *   `tiles:string` for inserting String-type Tiles attributes.

  *   Enable Natural templating in your Tiles markup fragments:
    *   It allows you to use only specific parts of your templates as Tiles attributes.
        *   You can add markup and styling surrounding those specific parts for static prototyping purposes.

  *   Mix JSPs and Thymeleaf templates in the same definition, for better legacy integration / migration.
    *   Thymeleaf fragment templates see variables defined in higher-level containing layout templates.
    *   JSP fragments see variables defined in higher-level containing JSP/Thymeleaf templates. And viceversa.

See the project's page at GitHub here: