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internationalized layout var to fragment

Hi everybody.
I have a layout that uses a fragment. I would like to pass an internationalized varialble (such as # {layout.base.navbar.00001strid}) from the layout to the fragment.

the fragment in my layout:
<span th:include="::tpl-layout-fragments :: navbar-toggle-text(#{layout.base.navbar.00001strid})"></span>

the fragment:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns:th="">
    <span th:fragment="navbar-toggle-text(content)" th:text="${content}"></span>

It does not work and throws me this 500 error:
Invalid syntax in DOM selector "tpl-layout-fragments :: navbar-toggle-text": selector does not match selector syntax: ((/|//)?selector)?([@attrib="value" (and @attrib2="value")?])?([index])? (tpl-layout:59)

If someone have an idea about this ;-)