template parsing error / class path resource

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template parsing error / class path resource

Hello everyone,

I wanted to put a partial layout template into all my pages using the layout:decorate thing but I end up getting the following error:

an error happened during template parsing (template: "class path resource

And after "resource" it's written the path of the file I want to access.
 I followed video and written tutorials but can't fix it.

Under "templates" folder is my "home" folder in which is the "home.html" file.
I also have all my partial layouts under "templates"-"fragments" folder.
I'm using layout:decorate="~{fragments/main_layout}" inside my "home.html" but I get the above error. Also tried to put "~{../fragments/main_layout}" but same error appears.

I'm not with my PC until 30th but I can upload my project to mediafire/dropbox/mega/drive for someone to have a look after that.
It's a university project I've got to complete soon, any help is appreciated! :)