th:each accessing the correct member of list (list[i])

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th:each accessing the correct member of list (list[i])

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I have a class course which has a list of attendees.

    public class course {
        private List<Address> attendeeList;
        public List<Address> getAttendeeList() {
            return attendeeList;

If I edit an existing course, I want the select fields to autoselect the option of the correct attendee. Below is an excerpt of my html page:

    <p class="form-control-static" th:each="i, stat : ${course.attendeeList}"> 
       <select class="form-control" name="attendeeIds">
          <option th:value="0">Please select an Attendee</option>
          <option th:each="attendee : ${addresses}"
             th:text="${attendee.firstName}+' '+${attendee.lastName}"

If I open the page I get the following error: Unexpected token. Expected 'rsquare(])' but was 'lcurly({)'

If I replace ${stat.index} with a number for example 0 and my course has 10 attendees, then the select item appears 10 times but always with the first member selected. How can I select the correct attendee in each select field?