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thymeleaf-extras-tiles2 1.0.0-beta2 JUST PUBLISHED


We've just published a new version (1.0.0-beta2) of our Thymeleaf + Tiles 2.x integration module.

This version better adapts this module to the architectural changes in Thymeleaf core versions 2.0.9 to 2.0.12 (which is now the required thymeleaf version), fixes some bugs and especially adds complete support for Spring Web Flow 2.3, including the refresh via AJAX of markup fragments (delimited as Tiles attributes).

With this addition, Thymeleaf's support for Spring WebFlow's AJAX events is greatly enhanced, as they can now be used in Thymeleaf both when using Apache Tiles and when not using it.

An example scenario of Thymeleaf + Tiles2 + Spring WebFlow has been added to the README at the project page on GitHub:

Changes in this version

  - Updated Thymeleaf dependencies to 2.0.12.

  - Fixed NullPointerException in ThymeleafTilesView when Model is null.

  - Refactored ThymeleafTilesView as a subclass of AbstractThymeleafView.

  - Added support for Spring WebFlow's AJAX fragment rendering at AjaxThymeleafTilesView and FlowThymeleafTilesView.

  - Removed references to request.getSession() that could unnecessarily create a new session for the user just for obtaining the ServletContext object.

  - Adapted attribute renderer to the core's new way of deciding whether a fragment should return the resulting container element or just its children.