thymeleaf url in js add value

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thymeleaf url in js add value

 use spring boot and thymeleaf 3.

I have a fragment who have a form. There is a select when a value is choose, a change event is done and via ajax a fragment is loaded.

In fragment loaded by ajax, I have

$("#form").submit(function (e){
          url: /*[[@{${url} }]]*/,
          data: $("#productsForm").serialize(),
          success: function(data){
          error: function (XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) {

url come from spring mvc controller

url browser is: http://localhost:8080/menu/configurations

At the run time url value is template/edit/products/1

but when it submited, i get 404 error about


why menu is added?

maybe because is nested with inline?